Webinar: Succeed With Svava!

Learn how to to succeed with Svava and how to host successful meetings and workshops using Svava's powerful meeting templates.
Lotta Strand, co-founder of Svava, has several years of experience in arranging workshops, meetings and seminars. In this video she will introduce Svava.


Linda Huljebrant, Sankt Kors

Linda Huljebrant

Business developer, Sankt Kors

The biggest benefit is not having to collect all the sticky notes afterwards. The automated documentation is fantastic!

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Fredrik Bauer, Motesutveckling

Fredrik Bauer

Meeting expert, Mötesutveckling

The best thing about using Svava is that I can run a full decision process, including ideation, voting and clustering, in the same tool.

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Daniel Åberg, Region Kronoberg

Daniel Åberg

Statistician, Region Kronoberg

It was amazing. With a group of 60 people we managed a full brainstorming in 20 minutes. I did not think that was possible. Extremely user friendly!

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