Word Cloud Meeting Template

Word Cloud Meeting Template

Word Cloud


Word Clouds are a visual representation of free form text entered by your participants. They can also be known as wordle, word collage or tag clouds. When your participant enter words, the more common they are the bigger they will become in the Word Cloud. Use the Word Cloud to quickly give your participants an understanding of what the most common answer is or visualize your result.


  • To quickly perceive the most prominent phrases to a question.


Approximately 5 minutes, depending of the number of participants.

Outcome to expect from your Word Cloud Meeting


  • Word cloud

End result

Word Cloud Meeting Top List

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The process of Word Cloud Meeting

Svava will guide you and your team through each step.

  • 1. Present the question and excercise 1 min
  • 2. Invite participant to join your Svava meeting 2 min
  • 3. Watch as words flow and form your Word Cloud 3 min


With Svava you use your phone or computer for taking notes, ranking. For best result you need a shared screen, like a projector or TV. But no additional materials such as sharpies, post-its and flipcharts are required.

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