Retrospect Template

Retrospect Template



A sprint retrospective is a great way for your team to reflect on the previous sprint (or any other time boundary). The work that was done, the goals achieved, and generate ideas for improvement.


  • To reflect on the past work and create a list of action items to prioritise.


Approximately 60 minutes, depending of the number of participants and amount of input.

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Outcome to expect from your Retrospect meeting


  • Action items
  • All team input
  • Editable file with collected input
  • Guaranteed result 

End result

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The process of the Retrospect

Svava will guide you and your team through each step.

  • 1. Greetings and introduction 3 min
  • 2. Contribute: Your team share input                 10 min
  • 3. The team present their input one by one                 18 min
  • 4. Merge similar input                 8 min
  • 5. Team identifies the most important input10 min
  • 6. Pick action items to prioritise                 6 min
  • 7. Discuss result and end meeting 5 min

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