Poll Meeting Template

Poll MeetingTemplate

Poll Meeting


Poll meeting is used to quickly get a response to a question from your participants. You set up the options in advance, making it super easy for them to vote. Poll is a great way to make a decision, or see how several alternatives rank to each other. It is also a good tool to use as a meeting check-in to quickly check the mood of the team.


  • To produce a top list of voted options.


Approximately 5 minutes, depending of the number of participants.

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Outcome to expect from your Poll Meeting


  • Top voted list

End result

Poll Meeting Top List

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The process of Poll Meeting

Svava will guide you and your team through each step.

  • 1. Greetings and introductions 1 min
  • 2. Launch your Poll to allow voting 1 min
  • 3. Participants vote on their favourite option 2 min
  • 4. End Meeting 1 min


With Svava your participants use their phones or computers for voting. For showcasing the result you need a shared screen, like a projector or TV. But no additional materials such as sharpies, post-its and flipcharts are required.

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