Brainstorming Meeting Template

Brainstorming Meeting Template



Brainstorming is a group creativity technique used to address a specific problem and/or question by gathering a list of ideas contributed by the groups participants.


  • To come up with many, wide-ranging ideas.


Approximately 20 minutes, depending of the number of participants and groups.

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Outcome to expect from your Brainstorming Meeting


  • New ideas and visions from different perspectives
  • Clustered and revised top ideas
  • Excel data with relevent ideas and results

End result

Brainstorming Meeting Top List

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The process of Brainstorming Meeting

Svava will guide you and your team through each step.

  • 1. Greetings and introductions 5 min
  • 2. Generate ideas 10 min
  • 3. Vote on ideas 5 min
  • 4. View results and end meeting 5 min


Step 1

Formulate the question to address in the meeting.

Step 2

Identify and invite participants. 8-15 people are a common number and works well. Strive for diversity. You might consider giving the participants a prep task; asking them to do some thinking in advance.

Since you and the participants will use your devices for taking notes, ranking, and so on, no materials such as sharpies, sticky notes and flip charts are required. But you need a shared screen, like a projector or a TV. And of course, you need a venue, an appropriate place where you hosting your meeting.

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