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Leverage the power of an engaging tool that both connects your employees and engages their creative minds to solve challenges, dream up new products, and enables you to reach beyond the walls of your organization to conduct customer probes, to gain insights and knowledge. Created by the open innovation experts at Svava, this SaaS will transform your open innovation program.

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Gather more ideas, faster, from employees across your organization into predefined buckets; allowing you to not only gain ore but to stay organized. Ideas are collected in the same format to make them easier to evaluate. Additionally, you can use the platform to collect ideas from people within your organization, or external to your organization; this means that you are able to simultaneously explore internal projects while conducting customer research and more. Recall these ideas and search for specific ones anytime through the admin panel.



Ideas, by their nature, are not static. Ideas change and evolve as we think about them, processing the different ways they could be implemented and improved. Svava’s ideation and exploration platform enables users, whether they are employees, customers, subject matter experts, etc., not only to submit ideas in response to your projects, but also to enables and encourages them to see other user’s ideas and to help refine and improve them.



Users can vote for ideas that they think have the ability to create meaningful change. While submitting feedback on an idea during the improvement phase, users also have the ability to rate ideas on a 1 to five star scale.

How it Works

  1. Create a challenge

    A step by step guide makes creating a new project fast, easy and anything but over simplified. Our template enables you to list all of the necessary information in an easy to read format.

  2. Invite Participants

    Easily invite your employees, customers, industry leaders and more to participate in your challenges.

  3. Collect and refine Ideas!

    You’ve done the work, now reap the rewards. Your participants will utilize the framework that you have customized to submit ideas, and help improve the ideas of other participants.

Do more with less


Our open innovation experts are happy to customize a demo to demonstrate how this easy to use platform works within the framework of your open innovation process, enabling your team members to spend less time learning how to use new tool, and more time innovating. While being headquartered in Sweden, we also have team members in the United States, and Asia.

It is free to use


Every open innovation program, and organization is different, has different needs, desired outcomes and budgets. Svava customizes the SaaS and pricing to fit your these.

Features & Benefits

Engage More Team Members
Run More Projects

The Ideation and Exploration Platform offers a flexible framework that makes creating and running a project faster and easier, so that you can do so more often. Run quick agile projects alongside longer legacy efforts, keeping your resulting data organized and accessible.

Enlist others to help facilitate meetings
Access the Platform from Anywhere

he beauty of SaaS means that your team members, no matter their office location or travel demands, can log in and participate in your projects. Now geographically distributed teams can collaborate, bringing together their different knowledge and expertise, customs and cultural background, to provide insights and feedback which is essential in today’s global economy.

Enlist others to help facilitate meetings
Save Time

From setting up a project brief, to submitting an idea, the step by step processes built into the platform save time, and transforming open innovation. Participation in projects goes from something team members have to do, to something they look forward to doing.

Achieve Company Buy-in
Implementation and Integration

Our tools can be fully utilized within 24 hours of purchase. Through an intuitive API, the SaaS can be integrated quickly and work with other programs and processes that you already have in place.

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