Facilitate Masterful Design Thinking Meetings with Ease

With the Premium Package from Svava, you and your team gain access to the professional design thinking templates.  These easy to use templates enable you to host successful design thinking meetings even without training or prior experience.

Save time

With Svava’s Premium Package, you unlock time saving features like additional templates, and customizable reports!

Save Time
  1. Templates save time designing meetings.
  2. Captures ideas, feedback, submissions, collaboration etc. as they happen.
  3. Editable reports simplify compiling outcomes.

Stay on Track

Keep meetings on track with Premium templates. These provide facilitators with a framework that engages participants, and keeps them focused.

Stay on track
  1. Shared Screen provides instructions.
  2. Prompts direct participant attention to eliminate distractions.
  3. Facilitators are prompted with instructions at appropriate times.

High Engagement

Digitizing the meeting boosts participation in your meetings and meetings by giving each person the ability to quickly and easily submit responses to prompts. These prompts also help to educate the participant and inform their responses.

High Engagement
  1. The use of personal devices empowers participants.
  2. Indications for when it’s time to take direction and when to work in groups.
  3. Submitting responses, collaborating and voting is easy for everyone regardless of their location or the volume of their voice.

Better End Result

With a clear background, instructions and the intended goal, meetings result in better quality engagements. With initial responses starting at a higher level, and participants being asked to collaborate, the quality soars over previously analog meetings.

Better End Result
  1. Instructions help focus the goal producing more actionable results.
  2. Facilitators can easily inform participant responses.
  3. Stay on top of time and lead them every stage of the meeting.

Communicate More Effectively

Communicating the results of a meeting is time consuming. Reading and transcribing all of the notes, ideas, iterations, etc., there is a potential for losing the context, nuances and ownership of these pieces of information. A digital framework changes all of this.

Communicate More Effectively
  1. Reduces the risk of error and lost information.
  2. Editable reports capture the information you need.
  3. Export and share reports with a click of a button.

Premium Template Packs

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