Evolve with Enterprise

With Enterprise from Svava, you can uplift and transform your meetings, projects and more.

  • Go Beyond the Meeting
  • Host Bigger Projects
  • Get Deeper Insights
  • Gain More Control

Go Beyond the Meeting

Take the outcomes of your singular meetings and expand upon them, research, test and validate some or all of them.

Save Time
  1. Quick and easy to create follow up projects, which can span multiple days
  2. Enter information from previous meetings.
  3. Foster collaboration and iteration upon submissions

Host Bigger Projects

The Ideation and Exploration platform offers more than just a way to submit ideas.  Users can ask questions, submit suggestions and work to improve ideas in a fun competition complete with voting.

Stay on track
  1. Idea Challenges
  2. Hackathons
  3. Idea Jams

Get Deeper Insights

Unlock the powerful Admin Panel with the enterprise plan. Gain insights, greater control, and link other tools like Google Analytics with the built in dashboard.

High Engagement
  1. Get user based metrics
  2. See Project Based metrics like churn.
  3. Copy and Paste the Google Analytics ID to sync.

Gain More Control

With the Enterprise Plan from Svava, you unlock additional features and functionality:

From limiting who can join and create projects, to the specific project submission forms, Enterprise gives you total control.

Better End Result
  1. Upload Custom Agreements
  2. Set User Permissions
  3. Limit email domains and require verification to gain access. 

Communicate More Effectively

Communicating the results of a meeting is time consuming. Reading and transcribing all of the notes, ideas, iterations, etc., there is a potential for losing the context, nuances and ownership of these pieces of information. A digital framework changes all of this.

Communicate More Effectively
  1. Reduces the risk of error and lost information.
  2. Editable reports capture the information you need.
  3. Export and share reports with a click of a button.

Premium Template Packs

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Empathy Mapping

Empathy Map

Journey Mapping

Journey Map



Unlock Premium

Unlock time-saving features, paired with strategic insights in the Premium Package from Svava.