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We have helped over 1,000 companies collect and validate 10,000 ideas from 23,000 users.

Svava in a nutshell

Svava formalizes the front end of your innovation process by providing your users with a customized innovation platform designed with an intuitive user interface, that adapts to your ideation process.

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1. Organize

The Svava platform works on a project basis, meaning admins create individual projects or buckets, into which, users to submit ideas in the form of text, photos, videos and/or documentation.

Post a challenge

2. Improve

This collaborative platform brings team members, and their ideas together, to improve their quality and transform them into actionable projects.

Gather feedback from your target audience

3. Evaluate

Admins and users can rate, evaluate and vote for ideas, provide feedback candidly or publicly, to improve them on the Svava Open Innovation platform.


Svava’s custom innovation management platforms are chalked full of functionality that makes it easy for both users and admins to sign in and utilize the platform with minimal training.

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Easy to Use

User-friendly interface, an intuitive user experience, requires no training.

Unlimited Users
Easy to Integrate

Easy to adapt to and integrate with existing business and IT environment

Unlimited Challenges
Easy to Implement

Fast implementation program of workshops, coaching and pilot projects

Achieve innovation Faster, Smarter, and more Effectively

Start a conversation with our innovation experts, explore the platform and its uses, and learn how you can achieve success with an open innovation platform.

How Does One Simple Tool Improve Your Innovation Process?

Easy to Use

Svava is designed to intuitive and provide users with an experience that sparks their creativity and fits their creative process without the need for training.

Be Up and Running in 24 Hours

Receive a fully functional and tailored software platform within 24 hours of our discovery call. Users and admins can begin using the platform upon delivery.

Leverage Professional Support

Need some guidance? Looking for some extra help managing projects? Do you need someone to help connect you to the right people and participants? The professionals at Svava are ready and able to help.


Jonas Hansson CIO Axis

Jonas Hansson

Chief Information Officer

Svava has built their software and experience from a global and ultra-collaborative basis. Connections are made around the globe in a human peer to peer-solution, helping skills go viral. This is exactly what we built the Axis culture around, so the fit is striking.
Josef Haddad CEO Revault

Julia Selander


Svava has given us a platform where we can communicate with our large community and a way for the community to interact among each other. This has improved our way of giving entrepreneurs well needed feedback when they launch, as well as giving credit to our enthusiasts who support Venture Cup.
Fred Eriksson E-on

Fred Eriksson

Change Consultat

Svava is a versatile tool that can be used to source ideas for change and organizational management. It has many of the social aspects that I find lacking in other tools for innovation and learning. It’s now possible to engage more people in our innovation.


Julia Selander CEO Venture Cup

Julia Selander

CEO, Venture Cup

Svava enables us to host Sweden’s largest venture competition, and engage thousands of entrepreneurs and makers every year.

Venture Cup logo
Fredrik Heghammar, Founder of House of Sparks

Fredrik Heghammar

Founder, House of Sparks

Svava is a must have for companies that want to implement ideas faster, using the design sprint principles I learnt at Google Creative Lab.

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