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Save time, energy, and money by hosting more productive meetings, now.

With Svava, you'll produce more actionable results, faster and with distributed teams of people.

Reasons to Use Svava

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Less Prep More Action

Run faster meetings that require less of your time to setup, run and record. With less of an investment required your team can run effective and productive meetings.

Post a challenge

Become a Pro

Ready made, and expertly designed templates help step your team through meetings, maintaining focus, and guiding participation. Run smoother meetings and produce better, more actionable results.

Gather feedback from your target audience

Instant Results

Put down the post-its and pick up your phone or tablet. When you use software like Svava to host your meetings, your results are  available instantaneously. 

How it Works

Your own Svava site

1. Pick a template

Register to use Svava, and pick the ready-made template for your meeting.

Simply enter your email, name and password and you are ready to start digitizing your meetings with Svava . 

Your own Svava site

2. Engage participants

Your meeting participants do not need to register for an account. They simply login using a secret code, and  contribute using their own devices.  Results are displayed on a shared screen.

Your own Svava site

3. Distribute results

Upon completion of the meeting,  you can immediately export and share the results with your participants, executives, stake holders, etc. 

Build upon your results and bring them into your next meeting.

Conduct More Efficient Meetings!

Digitizing the co-creation process makes it more collaborative and productive. Gain you instantaneous results that can be shared or customized before being distributed.

Start your meeting!


Julia Selander CEO Venture Cup

Julia Selander

CEO, Venture Cup

Svava enables us to host Sweden’s largest venture competition, and engage thousands of entrepreneurs and makers every year.

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Fredrik Bauer, Motesutveckling

Fredrik Bauer

Meeting expert, Mötesutveckling

The best thing about using Svava is that I can run a full decision process, including ideation, voting and clustering, in the same tool

Motesutveckling logo
Fredrik Heghammar, Founder of House of Sparks

Fredrik Heghammar

Founder, House of Sparks

Svava is a must have for companies that want to implement ideas faster, using the design sprint principles I learnt at Google Creative Lab.

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Convenient, Expertly Designed Templates

Here is a selection of our free templates from the Design Thinking pack.



Gather together a diverse group of people to brainstorm, evaluate and group ideas.

Coming soon



Generate and develop new ideas by open questions. Turn challenges into opportunities.



Test and validate design assumptions quickly. The end results will give designers suggestions of refinements.



Unpack and analyze feedback about prototypes, while defining and planning for the development of a scalable solution.

Empathy Mapping

Empathy Map

Combine user observations & engagement. Then draw out the unexpected insights with this template.

Journey Mapping

Journey Map

Compile observations and engagement with users, to describe the users experience through a specific event or scenario with this template.



Unpack and synthesize empathy findings into compelling needs and insights, and define the scope of a specific and meaningful design challenge.

About Svava

Svava is an easy to use to use meeting resource that drastically reduces the time it takes to prepare a meeting and compile its results, increases participant engagement through the ideation process, while digitizing the entire experience.

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