Meet Venture Cup

Sweden’s largest idea and startup competition, engaging thousands of entrepreneurs and makers every year.

About the company

Venture Cup is a non profit organization that organizes nationwide competitions for new business ideas, as well as connecting new entrepreneurs with prominent business leaders.


The Challenge

Venture Cup wanted a digital space where they could build a community around business ideas, and have that community help each other.

Before using Idea Hunt jury members were sent a large number och business proposals that they were to feedback. This took a lot of time and resources and Venture Cup was looking for a way to optimize their processes.

The Solution

With Idea Hunt, entrepreneurs get feedback from multiple people, as well as the jury, and members of the jury get a closer connection to the entrepreneurs.

An added benefit is also that entrepreneurs can improve their proposals directly after being given feedback and accelerate their learning. The shared knowledge among entrepreneurs and jury members have benefitted all participants.

"Idea Hunt has given us a platform where we can communicate with our large community and a way for the community to interact among each other. This has improved our way of giving entrepreneurs well needed feedback when they launch, as well as giving credit to our enthusiasts who support Venture Cup."

Julia Salender

CEO,  Venture Cup Sweden

The Results

Venture Cup is inviting entrepreneurs, successful business executives, as well as students to take part in their hunts. They have so far had over 13 000 people visit and join their hunts. Participants post their business proposals on and receive feedback from other entrepreneurs, judges and professionals. The best ideas proceed to meeting the juries, in the hope of winning prize money and PR.

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