Meet Utopia

Utopia is the founding agency for Innovation Social, an affiliation of innovation leaders from agencies, brands and startups, who utilize innovation to disrupt business, to make a positive impact.

About the company

Utopia works to accelerate innovative thinking, and hosts an annual innovation conference for leaders in the field, to bring about meaningful change. This year’s event focused on open innovation, and how to establish a culture of open innovation at an organizational level.


The Challenge

During this year’s Innovation Social’s global event, held at the Absolut headquarters in Stockholm, Utopia planned a workshop to collaboratively source ideas, via brainstorming, on how to create a fundamental shift within organizations.  The goal, was to source ideas for implementing a culture of open innovation.

Their event, held at Absolut’s Stockholm headquarters, held 50 attendees, each leaders in in their respective field and organization.  Their challenge, was to collect a large amount of ideas in a short amount of time. Their workshop was 15 minutes in length. A second challenge, was how to collect, sort and make sense of these ideas during a busy two day conference.   

The Solution

Utopia leveraged the power of Workshop, from Svava to host a digitized brainstorming session with attendees.

Workshop enables facilitators to display their challenge and workshop framework on a large screen, while running the workshop tool on their laptop, iPad or smartphone.  Participants simply take out their smartphones, access the workshop URL and enter their name to get started.

By leveraging participant smartphones, you eliminate the need for additional materials to record and submit ideas, as well as for someone to manually record those ideas either during or after the session.

After the ideation session culminates, ideas can be displayed and evaluated in a collaborative effort, in order to find the top most actionable or impactful ideas.

“Svava meant it was easy to engage all our attendees, and collect powerful insights, at our latest Innovation Social Global conference and workshop.” 

Nadya Powell

Founder Utopia

The Results

The attendees, thanks to the digitized workshop format, submitted a bounty of great ideas. Together they worked to identify which ideas would have the greatest impact, and to collectively improve those ideas where possible.  Below is a list of the top six ideas that came out of the conference’s workshop: 

1. Get to the real problem: why why why why why why.
2. Show and tell successes and failures (failure can be a success in another context so save the ideas).
3. Celebrate the failure as a test well done.
4. Re-decide rather than change your mind.
5. The importance of listening.
6. Always try to make new mistakes and not old ones.

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