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Fredrik Bauer, professional facilitator and moderator, dedicated to saving the world from boring and ineffective meetings shares how he uses Svava for his idea generation sessions.

About the company

Mötesutveckling help companies and individuals to plan and shape meetings and training that involve the participants. Fredrik Bauer, founder, believes that we are stuck in old habits of what meetings and trainings are supposed to be and want to make a difference. The company offers services within meeting management, facilitation and organisational development.


The Challenge

Bauer is often called upon to host ideation sessions. Often large groups, it is not unusual for the groups to include about 70 participants. The participants’ ages and educational background are often very diverse, representing all divisions of organisations. 

Fredrik needed a tool to be able to collect and develop ideas and input from such large groups, during a limited time. Using Svava empowers him and his participants to create a large amount of ideas, without making the documentation unreasonably time consuming.

The Solution

Bauer use the Word cloud and Brainstorming templates for his ideation session. He made this choice based on the result he wanted; both tangible ideas, as well as inspiration for continued work.

By leveraging participant smartphones or laptops, you eliminate the need for additional materials to record and submit ideas, as well as the time consuming task of manually recording those ideas either during or after the session.

After the activities for collecting input, ideas can be displayed and evaluated in a collaborative effort, in order to find the top most actionable or impactful ones.

The best thing about using Svava for this event was that I can run a full decision process, including ideation, voting and clustering, in the same tool.

Fredrik Bauer

Founder Mötesutveckling

The Results

When the time comes to finish the meeting, all participants gather in their regular work teams to start drafting the first parts of an action plan. Each team manager then presents his or her team’s conclusions, and Bauer summarise these on a whiteboard. All exported results from the activities hosted using Svava, as well as a picture of the whiteboard, are then sent to the company for further development. 

Due to Svava’s automatic documentation there was is need to transcribe post its or flip charts, allowing the company to start working with the material directly after the meeting. 

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