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With Svava, Maniola Studios engages their customers in interactive workshops.

About the company

Maniola Studios drive growth by discovering, testing and implementing business opportunities that better cater to customer needs in a digital world. The team help their clients with rapid innovation, growth marketing and agile culture.

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The Challenge

Petronella Barvaeus and her team at Maniola have developed a 100-day programme to get their clients’ started with growth marketing, reviewing current drivers of growth and building up an optimised growth engine. A lot of this work is done in the form of collaborative workshops, led by Barveus and her expert team.

This means hosting a number of meetings and workshops with diversified groups and teams. Managing both participants, their expectations as well as making sure a qualitative result is created, demands a lot of experience. When Barvaeus found Svava she was intrigued by how much it helped her in her role as a meeting facilitator. 

In my role as a moderator and facilitator Svava gives me an extra pair of hands, or an extra brain one could say. In a workshop you need multiple brains working simultaneously, one collecting and structuring information, one making sure all participants are engaged and one managing the meeting time. Svava takes a load off my back, allowing me to focus on the participants, which is amazing.

Petronella Barvaeus

Co-Founder at Maniola Studios

The Solution

Svava’s meeting tool provides Maniola Studios with a digital workshop environment in which they can define meeting parameters, capture and collect ideas, as well as vote, cluster and automatically document these ideas. It saves Barvaeus and her team valuable time and energy collecting, recording and displaying the ideas generated within a workshop.

Maniola Studios is now able to engage and manage all participants in their meetings with a simple, yet powerful visual guidance. It helps the participant to focus on the task at hand and frees the facilitator to focus on the group and the dynamics, not taking notes and collecting post-its.

One of the most difficult things as a moderator of a meeting or workshop is getting all participants engaged, for the same topic, at the same time, in a time limited setting.  Guiding people to understand that first we do this, together, then we all move on to the next step, together, is a challenge. To get access to a tool that helps me pull the weight of facilitating, visually guiding my participants to a common goal, and then automatically documenting the meeting, is a huge help.

Petronella Barvaeus

Co-Founder at Maniola Studios

The Results

With the meeting app from Svava, Maniola Studios is able to spend less time recording and documenting meeting outcomes, and more time coaching and engaging their clients.

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