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Idea Hunt helps House of Sparks facilitate client workshops, and foster open innovation within organisations.

About the company

House of Sparks is a Sweden based Design Thinking education management firm, offering support and training for organizations in need of new ideas and insights.


The Challenge

House of Sparks utilized the Design Thinking mindset or methodology to help ignite, and test ideas saving companies both stagnation and investing too heavily in a flawed idea.  The challenge is to effectively capture successful ideas and the visuals (photo and video) needed to effectively evaluate them, in an engaging and digital way.

In effect they needed a tool that enabled them to spend less time with the data and more time with the people, training, educating and engaging.

The Solution

Idea Hunt’s Enterprise Package provides House of Sparks with a digital workshop environment in which they can define idea parameters, capture and collect ideas complete with photo and video, as well as vote, iterate on and store these ideas.  This solution is called the Co-Creation Platform. It saves House of Sparks valuable time and energy collecting, recording and displaying the ideas generated within a workshop.

House of Sparks is now able to lead clients in a discovery sessions, to uncover for which pains and gains they are solving, and consequently, what parameters a successful idea will need.  Ideation with their clients stems from this discovery session. Then ideas are formed and iterated upon with photo and video. The photo and video are loaded along with the ideas into the Co-creation Platform where they can be further evaluated and iterated upon.

"When working with innovation it's crucial to have a framework and a format for ideas so you can compare “apples against pears”. Idea Hunt gives you not only that framework but also the ability to invite perspectives outside the session to help evolve the ideas. We believe in decentralizing innovation in organisations and Idea Hunt is the first step to make that happen."

Fredrik Heghammar

Co-Founder at House of Sparks

The Results

With the Co-creation Platform from Idea Hunt, House of Sparks is able to spend less time recording and analysing ideas, and more time coaching and engaging their clients in a workshop.

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