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About the company

Digital Marknadsplan supports teams and companies in areas around marketing and business strategy. They map and analyze the current marketing plans and suggest improvements. They also support with digital strategies and social media management.

Digital Marknadsplan use Svava for Retrospect

The Challenge

Magnus Thorarensen, business developer at Digital Marknadsplan, is involved in as many as 20 startups, and active as a coach and business angel in 11 of them. He assists the startup teams with many different strategic challenges, such as product and market development, as well as organisational structure. The time he has with each of them is short, and he needs to keep his meetings focused and effective.

According to Magnus, any meeting with more than 5 participants becomes an administrative nightmare if you are using post-it notes. Especially if you want to make sure that everyone is clear on the results and meeting outcomes. It is hard to keep the team focused using hand written notes, and they are difficult to follow up the next time you meet.

The companies Thorarensen work with are startups, and common traits among them are lack of structure, time and capacity to set up long idea management processes. They all need agile and nimble decision making tools, something Thorarensen believes he has found in Svava.

Working with post-its in meetings with more than 5 participants quickly becomes an administrative nightmare. Svava’s auto documentation is unbeatable, listing all ideas, not just top 5. In our follow up meetings we easily retrieve the results and continue working. 

Magnus Thorarensen

Business developer at Digital Marknadsplan

The Solution

When Thorarensen found, and started using Svava’s Retrospective template with his teams, he had found what he was looking for; a tool that is super easy to use and that makes meetings better. Depending on the number of meeting participants, the time saving benefits from using Svava’s Retrospective templates are what Magnus really emphasises. He mentions that in a standard retrospective meeting, with a scrum team of 8, he saves on average 20 minutes per meeting hour.

He has even calculated the economic savings the teams make by multiplying the saved time by the combined salary of the meeting participants. Magnus stresses the cost of hosting inefficient meetings, both when it comes to money and participants' engagement

There are two main advantages from running my meetings through Svava; more focused participants, and automatic documentation. And of course, it’s fun!

Magnus Thorarensen

Business developer at Digital Marknadsplan

The Results

Hosting effective meetings is important, but a meeting is usually hosted to impact the work coming after it. If the format of the meeting result itself can save more time after the meeting, it is a win many are looking for. Gone are the days when the result was a photo of a whiteboard or a pile of post-it notes. Magnus talks about the benefit for the scrum master, who will receive a clear Excel-list of input and action items to work with. With this list it is much easier for the scrum master to delegate tasks to the development team. 

Magnus Thorarensen thinks there are two main advantages with running meetings through Svava;
1. Focused participants
2. Automatic documentation

On top of that, Magnus mentions the positive reactions he receives from the participants, they think it is a great tool, with the extra fun of working through your smartphone and automatic guidance from the template. The tool itself has, what Magnus describes as, a hype factor.

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