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User Generated Content Hunt Template

To get you up and running faster, we've created a template for this type of Hunt.

Submitting Feedback

How to submit feedback on other Svava user's Ideas

Product Feedback Hunt Template

Use Svava to source product feedback and gain valuable insight into what your current customers think and feel about your products

Innovation Challenge Hunt Template

Innovation Challenges are perfect for the Svava platform.

Creating a Contribution

How to submit thoughts, ideas, contributions, etc.

Removing a Coach

Managing Hunt Coaches

Limit the Creation of Contributions

It can be beneficial to restrict the ability to submit new contributions within hunts

Svava Templates

Templates for Commonly Run Idea Hunts

How to Send Mail to Contribution Creators

Emailing users who have submitted a contribution

How to Moderate Contributions

Removing or Changing the Status of a Contribution

How to Enable Multiple Idea Creators

Svava allows you to assign multiple co-creators to an idea

How to Design Text

Use Markdown language to ensue that your webpage content is easy to read and looks great

How to Delete a Contribution

Deleting contributions is super easy

How to Delete a Hunt

It is super easy to delete a hunt. You need to be an Admin or the Coach of the hunt to do this.

How to Delete a Feedback

Moderating Hunt Feedback and Comments

How to Add Tags to Hunts

Tag your Hunts for easy sorting

Featured Hunts

How to Display A Hunt as Featured

Export a CSV File from Hunts

All hunt admins or coaches are able to download CSV files from hunts.

Edit a Hunt

To edit the hunt you need to be one of the coaches, or administrators on the hunt.

Create a Hunt

Creating a hunt is fast and easy, however the best hunts are those that have been carefully planned and crafted.

Add an Additional Coach

Many times it is beneficial to have multiple administrators to help monitor, engage, and provide feedback in active hunts.