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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

Use Svava to source product feedback and gain valuable insight into what your current customers think and feel about your products

You can gain certain insights about your how your customers might feel about your products or services, but when you open up direct lines of communication and really ask them, you gain insights that are worth more than gold.  Empower your customers and give them a way to share their thoughts and feelings with you.  You’ll take them from a passive consumer to an active prosumer, showing them that you value them as a customer and as an individual.  

Follow these steps or view the template here:

1. Open your platform.

2. Click “Create New Hunt”   

3. Enter a title for your hunt.  This title should clearly deliver explain what you are asking of your customers, fans or followers.    EX: “How are you using our latest smart products for your pets?”

4. Add a brief.  A brief is a description that picks up where your title left off.  In the brief you can add sub headers by using the # once, twice, or three times before text like this:   EX: “## Let us know”

EX: “### By submitting an idea.” 

Following the sub header, you may want to provide addition details about the event, and example of which you can see in the template linked again, here

In our example, we’ve used two different sub headers (by using ## and ### before the appropriate text) and an ordered list (by using 1., 2., and 3.) to provide additional information.  

5. Select the privacy settings.  For a market research hunt, you may want to select the first option “anyone can join” to collect more responses.  Or, you may want to select the Semi-private or private options, if you would like to invite a select group of people to join your research project. 

6.  If you have an agreement for participation in your project, you’ll want to upload it in the admin panel and then you will be able to select it from the drop down options here. 

7. Click next.

8. Confirm the default field of text, or select the “Add Field” option to create additional fields to collect information. 

If you select the “Add Field” option, you’ll need to name your field, provide a description of the information or why you are collecting it, and then the type of field you would like to create from the drop down.  Next select whether it’s a required field, whether the information will be displayed publicly as part of your users submission, and whether you would like to active the field at this time. 

9. Click next. 

10.  Select your date range for this project.

11. Click next. 

12. Upload a photo that will allow your users to quickly identify the topic area or type of market research you will be conducting.  This photo will be useful for your users, as they return to your market research project.

13. Click next. 

14. Upload any additional documentation and click next.  If you would like to skip this step, click next now. 

15. Enter any rewards you might like to offer for participation or the most meaningful ideas and click next. If you would like to skip this step, click next now.

16. Review your project and click publish. 

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