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User roles on the Svava platform determine what a user has access to, what they can participate in, and what they change or edit.  These roles are not static or permanent and can be easily changed by an administrator.  As stated before, these roles change the permissions and access for individual users, so roles should be granted thoughtfully.  Below you’ll find a list of the different roles currently available for users on the platform, and instructions on how to change them. 

User Roles: 

Admin: The highest level of access, Admins are platform administrators.  Only Admins have access to the Admin Panel, where changes can be made to user roles, and platform settings.  Admins are often managers or project managers within an organization, who are tasked with the management of their platform from Svava. 

Trusted User: Trusted Users are individuals who should have more access or permissions than a general user, but not full access and permissions like a platform Admin.  For example, if you opt to limit hunt creation to a certain group or groups of people beyond platform Administrators, rather than allowing any Guest user to create hunts, you would make them Trusted Users. Some ideas within the platform may have private information listed, this information is visible to Trusted Users.  

Guest: The default user role, Guests have the ability to use the platform as a general user.  Guests can see public and semi-private hunts.  They can participate in any open or public hunt, submitting ideas and feedback, voting, etc.  If it is not restricted by the Admin, they can also create hunts of their own. 

Blocked: If for some reason, say a guest user leaves the company, or maybe a public platform user has abused their access to your innovation platform, you can deny them access.  The blocked user role will prevent a previous user from gaining access to the innovation platform. 

Changing a User’s Role: 

1. Log into your Svava Platform and access the Admin panel via your profile.

2. Locate the tab on the left hand side of the screen labeled “Users”.

3. Locate the user whose role you would like to change.

4. Click the edit button to the right of their name.

5. Locate the option, titled “Role”.

6. From the dropdown in this line, select the appropriate Role for this user.

7. Click the blue Update button. 

Congratulations, you have successfully changed the role for a user on your Svava Innovation Platform. 

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