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Easy step by step guide to give you a running start with your co-creation platform

When your platform is delivered:

This is the day we have all been looking forward to, the day you will receive your very own Svava co-creation platform. Before this you have handed Svava your logo, a background picture and information about your branding standards. This means that when your platform is handed over to you, it has a unique URL, your logo as well as background image and colors.

Included in all set up is a 1 hour educational meeting with your customer success contact at Svava. During this meeting you will go through all functions and also make sure your account gets Administrator access.

Setting the stage for your users:

On your Svava platform you can invite users and have them create accounts.

Accounts can be created using different methods, and during sign up you can have users share information you might need about them.

The default method of sign up is using an email, but you can have users sign up using a Facebook account, a Google account or using an OAuth2 connection. Talk to your contact at Svava to set up these methods of sign up for your site.

If you use email sign up, it is possible to restrict it to just a few domains, that can be done at Site Settings. Read more here.

To collect additional information on users at sign up, create a new field in the registration form by heading to the Admin panel, Configuration and Registration form. There you can add new fields. Read more here.

Making sure you have all agreements in place:

Adding your own terms of service to the platform is important. It sets the expectations for your users and help protect your, or your users intellectual property. In creating a Terms of service agreement, your users will be asked to agree to these terms, during the signup process. During this process they will be asked to check a box to agree to the terms, which they will be able to read by clicking on a link, to a page that contains the terms.  

Your needs will change over time, due to legislation like GDPR, or the usage of our tools, requiring you to make updates to your current terms of service or privacy policies.

The same applies to a Privacy Policy. Please refer to you legal department on these agreements.

A tip from us is to use a service like Iubenda if you don’t have a legal department. You can read more here on how to add agreements to your platform.

Co-creating and hunting new solutions together:

The Hunt is the place on the platform where all activity takes place. Every hunt has one or more Coaches, the people in charge of that hunt. Each hunt can also have its own privacy settings and participants. This makes it possible to share a single hunt with a select group of people without giving them access to the rest of your hunts. Here are some articles on hunts and how to make the most of them.

Within the hunt, you participants can share Contributions and Feedback. Contributions are shared using text or image, you can also add video, documents, checkboxes and much more. This makes the hunt extremely flexible and Svava is therefore used for several different purposes and with many different methods. Some examples and logo design, prototyping, idea jams or event evaluation. Here are help articles with hunt templates to be inspired by.

Site Settings that allow you to customize:

These settings are not necessary to do straight away, but can be good to be aware of.

  • In many organisations not everyone should be able to create new hunts, in Site Settings it it possible to limit hunt creation.
  • Would you like your participants to work in teams? A simple setting makes that possible.
  • Should participants be able to tag ideas? Set tags and limit the number here.

Feel free to browse the different settings available and customize your platform to suit your needs and workflow.

Integrations and useful connections:

Svava integrates with several different other services out there. Some are pre-configured for you, and if you have special requests let us know and we can look at our API together.

Here are the pre-configured integrations:

  • Google Analytics
  • Trello
  • Typeform
  • Quicktap Survey
  • Yammer

Simple checklist to sumarize:

  1. Send Svava your logo, background image and brand identity.
  2. Register an account and ask Svava for Administrator rights.
  3. Adapt registration form to fit your business.
  4. Create and upload Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  5. Decide if all, or just a limited number of users should have access to create hunts. As well as the possibility to work in teams.
  6. Create your first hunt and engage your first group of participants.
  7. Try out one of the integrations to add extra value.
  8. Enjoy collaborating with others!

On you can always find articles on the most common questions. If you still don’t find and answer to your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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