How to Delete a Hunt

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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

Sometimes you create test hunts, or a hunt should no longer be archived due to GDPR reasons. No matter the reason, it is super easy to delete a hunt. You need to be an Admin or the Coach of the hunt to do this.

Simply follow these instructions to delete a Hunt. 

1. Log in to Svava as a Coach or an Admin.

2. Locate and enter the appropriate Hunt. 

3. In the “Brief”, scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

4. Locate the “Advanced Controls” and open the drop down section.

5. There you will see a red button named “Delete”. Click it and confirm that this is what you really want. 

Congratulations, that Hunt and all Contributions and Feedback related to it is now deleted.

If you are an Admin, you can also delete hunts from the Admin panel, in the list of all Hunts on your Svava platform. 

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