How to Add Pages to the Svava Platform Footer

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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

The footer of your custom Svava platform is the perfect place from which to link to additional pages.  These pages can offer supplemental information, examples of projects, help articles and more. 

1. Log into your Svava platform and access the Admin Panel, by clicking on the profile image or icon in upper right corner of the screen. 

2. Select “Menus” from the Content management section of the panel.

3. In the drop down, select one of the two footer menu options.  

A. Footer Column 1 displays links in the left hand column of the footer.

B. Footer Column 2 displays links in the right hand column of the footer. 

4. Click the Button at the bottom of the screen titled “Add Menu Item”.

5. Enter the name of the page as you would like it to be displayed in the footer.

6. From the drop down select what type of URL you are adding:

A. External links are pages or destinations that are not a part of your platform. For these, copy and paste the URL into the text box below.

B. Mail-to links require an email address and when clicked, will open a new draft email. 

C. Internal Pages are those contained within your platform. Selecting this option will provide you with a drop down list of your platform’s pages, from which you can choose. 

7. Click the “Save” Button. 

Congratulations, you have just added a new item to your Footer Menu!

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