How to Add Extra Registration Fields

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Lotta Strand

Collect additional information about your users

Add extra fields in the registration form with easy set up

The default registration form for new users ask about name and email adress. If you want or need to collect additional information it is super easy. Perhaps you need to know your users phone number, nationality or if they are an employee or not. Svava allow you to design the registration form to meet your needs.

Step by step guide to adding new registration fields:

  1. Log in to your Svava platform with your Admin account.
  2. Open the Admin panel by clicking your profile picture.
  3. Locate “Configuration” and click “Registration form”.
  4. Click the button “Add field”. This opens a new function that allow you to name, describe and set the type of input.
  5. There are also 3 checkboxes; Required, Public and Activated. 
    Required: The user must fill this field to be able to register. 
    Public: The information from this field will be visible on the users profile. Do not use this if the information is of sensitive nature, such as social security number.
    Activated: You can create several fields, but only the ones that are Activated will be visible for the user at registration.
  6. Click the Update-button at the bottom of the page.

Note that users who have previously registered will be asked to fill the new fields next time they log in, so you will be able to collect this information from current users as well.

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