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Lotta Strand

Add Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, NDA’s and more

User agreements and usage licenses differ with every company which creates the need to be able to upload and select your own custom agreements.  Svava has created an easy to use framework for creating or uploading your current user agreements, and linking to them from the signup page or before giving a user access to a hunt .  Also, if you need to make updates to your current agreements, due to changes like GDPR, our system allows you to require all users to agree to the updated content.  Below are instructions for adding your custom agreement.

How to add an agreement

1. Log into your Svava Platform with your admin account.

2. Locate your user image/icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  Click on the image/icon.

3. Select “Agreements” from the “Configuration” options. 

3. At the bottom of the resulting screen, there is a button labeled, “Add Agreement”.  Locate and click this button. 

4. In the Name text box, add the Agreement title.

5. In the drop down menu, choose what type of agreement this is (Hunt, Site, Privacy policy or Terms of Service).  - A Hunt-agreement is an agreement that Coaches can ask hunt participants to agree to before giving them access, this can be a non disclosure agreement for example.- A Site-agreement is a feature that is not implemented yet, please skip this type.

5. In the Text box, add the agreement text.  

6. Click save. 

After this step is finished you can add your new Terms of Service or Privacy policy to sign up modal, click here to learn how, or your coaches will have access to your Hunt-agreement when creating a new/editing an existing hunt.

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