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Lotta Strand

How to submit thoughts, ideas, contributions, etc. to your platform.

Once you have thought about a contribution you would like to post in a hunt, the hard work is over.  All that’s left, is to submit the idea in the appropriate hunt.

To submit an idea: 

1. Log into your platform.

2. Locate the appropriate Hunt, and click on the tile. 

3. Locate and click on the button titled “Contribute” under the Hunt image. 

4. Give your contribution a creative title.

5. In the larger text box, provide a detailed explanation of your contribution, including any helpful or relevant information. You can use Markdown to style your text.

6. Add an image to help convey your contribution, by clicking on the box below the photo icon and plus sign. You can upload images from your computer, your social media profiles, or by doing a web search. 

7. Fill in any additional form fields to the best of your ability, and click “Submit” 

Congratulations, you have successfully submitted your contribution! 

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