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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

Creating a Hunt is no challenge at all

Hunts are the individual challenges, contests, and questions that you post on the Svava Platform. Creating a hunt is fast and easy, however the best hunts are those that have been carefully planned and crafted.  Think about the reason why you are creating the hunt, all of the information that your hunters need or might like to know.  Creatively describe what you are asking from your hunters and the potential reward for the winning idea or response.  Then you are ready to create. 

Creating Your Hunt

1. Log in to your Svava Platform

2. Scroll to the bottom of the platform page, underneath the section titled “My Hunts”, you will notice a button that says “Create New Hunt”.  Click that button.

3. In the text box that says “Enter Your Challenge” add the title of your hunt, IE the question you’d like to ask or the task you’d like to submit to your users.

4. In the larger text box below, add a detailed description of the hunt, providing important details and background information that your users will find helpful.  Include hyperlinks here. 

5. Select the display option for your hunt.  You can display the hunt on the landing page for your platform, to everyone once they are logged in, and choose not to display it and rather invite specific participants to it. 

6. Select Your Hunt Privacy Setting. If you select the 2nd or 3rd Privacy setting, additional settings will become available to you, and click Next.

7. Select the timeframe for which you would like this hunt to be active, and click Next. 

8. Upload a photo for your Hunt that will both help users further understand the hunt and draw them in. Once you click the option to upload a photo, you will have the option to upload a photo from your computer, social media profiles, search the internet for a photo and more. Then Click Next. 

9. Upload any additional documentation you might want to add.  User manuals, user agreements, etc. tend to be helpful here.  This is not a required step. Click Next. 

10. Add your rewards.  Clicking this button will open up a title text field and a description text field.  Fill these out according to your rewards.  This is not a required step. 

11. Review the information for accuracy. 

12. Click Submit!

You have now successfully created an Svava on your platform.  You can update the hunt at any time, changing photos, adding additional coaches, etc.  You can find additional help articles in this section on making changes to your Hunt. 

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