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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

The more, the merrier

Many times it is beneficial to have multiple administrators to help monitor, engage, and provide feedback in active hunts.  These administrators are able to drive engagement, reach out to individual Idea Hunters, award the winning ideas, and access contact information after the hunt is over.  

To add an additional coach: 

Note, coaches must be registered Svava users, so a healthy first step is verifying that the additional coach you would like to add to your hunt is already in the platform as a user.

1. Log into your Svava Platform.

2. Click into the Hunt for which you would like to add a new coach. 

3. Click the “Brief” tab.

4. Under the current coach’s photo, there is a button that says “Add Coach”.  Locate and click this button. 

5. A text box will load.  Begin entering the User Name or Email Address for the additional coach.

6.  A list of potential names will begin to populate.  Locate the appropriate user and click on their name. 

7. Click Save. 

Congratulations, you have now successfully added an additional coach to your Svava. 

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