Help Articles - Co-Creation Platform


Weekly Admin Emails

Receive automated emails weekly from Svava

View Your Platform Statistics

Track insights and statistics that can be beneficial to administrators and internal company decision makers

User Removal Requests

Accept or Decline removal requests from Users

Search for Users

Inside the Admin Panel for your Svava platform, you can search for and edit the roles or tags assigned to different users.

Methods for User Registration

Use Svava's flexibility to ease your user's registration

Manage User Roles

What Are the Different User Roles? And How Does One Edit Them

Locate Hunts in the Admin Panel

Peruse all hunts on your platform

Limit the Creation of Hunts

Limiting Hunts to Admins and Trusted Users

Limit the Creation of Contributions

It can be beneficial to restrict the ability to submit new contributions within hunts

How to Send Mail to Contribution Creators

Emailing users who have submitted a contribution

How to Restrict Access to Limited Email Domains

Keep your platform open, but only to people with the right email addresses

How to Locate Contributions in the Admin Panel

Admins can utilize the Contributions tab within the admin panel to locate individual contributions.

How to Enable Multiple Idea Creators

Svava allows you to assign multiple co-creators to an idea

How to Delete Users

Deleting a user can be handy.

How to Create a New Page

Svava enables you to create additional pages and fill them with content, photos, and more.

How to Get Started on Your Svava Platform

Easy step by step guide to give you a running start with your co-creation platform

How to Delete a Hunt

It is super easy to delete a hunt. You need to be an Admin or the Coach of the hunt to do this.

How to Delete a Feedback

Moderating Hunt Feedback and Comments

How to Connect Google Analytics

Connecting Your Svava PlatformTo an existing Google Analytics account

How to Change or Add User Labels

Adding labels to users can be a useful way of identifying different teams

How to Add Pages to the Svava Platform Footer

The footer of your custom Svava platform is the perfect place from which to link to additional pages.

How to Add Extra Registration Fields

Add extra fields in the registration form with easy set up

How to Add an Agreement

Add Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, NDA's and more

Export a CSV File from Hunts

All hunt admins or coaches are able to download CSV files from hunts.

Enable Domain Specific Email Templates

All email notifications sent from your domain will carry your logo.

Add Pages to Navigation

The top level navigation menu is a great place to display important pages

Access the Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is the where all of the customization and control settings are housed.