How Do You Know if Open Innovation Is Right For You?

Are you a CEO Facing growth hurdles? Or maybe an Innovation Manager trying to break barriers? This ebook looks at specific problems that you are facing right now, and offers actionable solutions.

Download Svava’s short, yet powerful ebook, to learn how to scout opportunities, and identify challenges that can impact your ability to achieve open innovation.

Reasons why you’ll love this ebook

A tailored ebook!


We’ve drilled down to provide specific information based on your role and industry! Skip ahead to your role, or read through how open innovation can impact different sectors of your organization

Written by professionals

Written by Professionals

Written by a team of open innovation professionals with over 20 years of combined experience, and across different industries, these pages are bursting with information to help you crush your next project.



This ebook gets right to the heart of the matter, meaning that by the end, you’ll have the insights and knowledge to know if you are ready for open innovation, and if not, how to get there fast.

Meet the Authors

Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

An Open Innovation and Lean expert with over 10 years of experience, Elia has coached and grown numerous startups to success.

Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Cutting her teeth on sales and Marketing, Maggie has over 10 years of experience crafting tailored messages to architect and implement content marketing strategies.

Jonas Söderström

Jonas Söderström

As an open innovation expert, Jonas has worked with companies of all sizes over the past 20 years honing his skills. In this ebook he shares these insights with us.

Ulrika Eriksson

Ulrika Eriksson

As a former Business Manager, Ulrika has met many growth and organizational challenges head on, and uses her experiences as an Innovation Leader.

Including Chapters Focused on:


As the head of your organization, there is a lot to see and track. With this ebook you can effectively spot the opportunities to crush it, as well as the obstacles in your way.

Innovation Manager

Not all innovation projects succeed, but with this effective ebook, you can identify the barriers keeping you from success and remove them quickly.

Business Development

Stop dreaming of the next best way to crush it, and start identifying the opportunities that exist within your organization and how to leverage them for success.

R&D Manager

Are you ready to crush it? By involving more people, and gathering more ideas, you can go from inception to testing faster, saving valuable time, energy and money.

CSR Manager

Are you able to effectively gather thoughts, feelings and ideas from your customers and use them to fuel innovation projects? This ebook can help you achieve this faster and smarter by identifying opportunities and removing barriers.

Quality Manager

Whether it’s small continuous improvements or large scale innovations, there may be potential roadblocks that aren’t clear until it’s too late and the project has failed. This quick read from Svava can help you spot and remove those blocks.

HR Manager

class="editable" Attracting and retaining talent today often means establishing a culture of innovation, but there are some potential pitfalls along with the opportunities for open innovation in your HR department. Learn more about them in this informative ebook.

Marketing Manager

Ready to go beyond the traditional marketing channels, and reach beyond the walls of your organization? Read this ebook to make sure that you are ready to capitalize on the opportunities and avoid the challenges.

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