Design Thinking Pack

Design Thinking is a human-centered and iterative design process used for ideation and development. It is especially useful when you are solving problems that are uncertain or even unknown.

Templates included:

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What is Design Thinking?

Definition: A school of thought designed to inspire out of the box ideas, and put them into practice, faster, and smarter.

First developed as a design method in the 1960’s, Design thinking was used in Creative Engineering to help solve poorly defined problems. Well defined problems had simple or easy to grasp solutions. Tricky problems however needed a more thorough, systematic approach that still left room for the creative process.

In this school of thought, designers or workshop participants are not to take the problem at face value, but in the initial phases, to better define and formulate the problem, so as to better develop a creative solution.Initially, Design Thinking was utilized for new product development. Today, companies find its application useful across many types of projects.

Why is Design Thinking powerful?

As we said before, design thinking takes difficult problems or challenges, and redefines the. This process relies on the inclusion of people from different parts of your organization, so that the problem is approached from every angle. Every person in your organization, from the ground up, has experience, knowledge, and ideas locked away inside their head. If that information is never verbalized or made tangible, they go to waste.

Design Thinking is a process of inclusion, where more traditional innovation processes tend to be that of exclusion. In this way, it helps eliminate barriers to change, like individual resistance to change and achieves their buy-in.

This process is also results driven. By following a series of logical steps, first redefining the problem, researching the needs of customers, framing the challenge, and then ideation, prototyping and testing, designers are able to hone in on well developed ideas that produce meaningful change.

Design thinking is a powerful methodology because it collects, tests and further develops the impactful ideas quickly.

Design Thinking Pack

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Meanwhile, learn more about the included templates:
Ideation, Empathy Map .

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