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Zpotdrop: Rediscover the outside world

Zpotdrop: Rediscover the outside world
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

With the vision to make the world more human, we connect friends in real life.

When using Zpotdrop, you can for each specific event choose whether or not to share location upon requests from friends. Your location will never be shared to anyone if you don’t purposefully share it - Oscar Rundqvist

Could you describe your product/initiative in a few words?

Zpotdrop connects friends in real life and we want to be the next global social network and the first among them to use technology to leverage the real life.

Which stakeholders are you targeting to deliver the product/initiative?

Young people, initial target group 15-25 years old.

What is the status of your product/iniative progress right now?

iOS version live on the App Store and Android version coming soon.

What are your main strengths to achieve your goals?

Global potential and ambition from day one and a proven founding team who has built billion dollar online companies before.

Zpotdrop was founded in August 2015 with the vision from day one to make the world more human. The team behind Zpotdrop is based in Stockholm in Sweden, and in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Co-founder of Zpotdrop built Vietnam’s largest e-commerce company, lazada.vn, from scratch to 600 employees (investors Kinnevik, Rocket Internet, Temasek, Tesco) in less than 3 years.

Zpotdrop raised money from The Springfield Project in November 2015 and moved in to Startup hub SUP46 in December 2015. SUP46, located in the heart of Stockholm, is currently home to more than 50 cherry-picked startups on a total of 2,000 sqm.

What are your main weaknesses and how could or can IDEA HUNT help you to overcome them?

We have used IH to get ideas for how to get more people to discover Zpotdrop, and have already started to validate the most interesting ones to see which ones to implement.

What are your next steps for the success of the initiative?

Going into Asia via Vietnam.

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