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Your Corporate Ideation Submission Process

Your Corporate Ideation Submission Process
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Directly impacts the success of your innovation initiatives

The means through which internal team members submit their ideas for innovations, the feasibility of submitting the ideas, the framework for their submission ensuring their quality, and the organization or storage of these ideas (or lack thereof), has a direct impact on the innovation projects you may or may not be implementing as a corporation. A corporate idea submission process or framework is vital to your innovation initiatives, as it provides your teams with the ability to record, and improve innovative ideas, creating a repository of actionable projects.

Creating a Framework

A lack of formal idea submission process often results in the loss of ideas, which spark and then fizzle out, as a result of employees feeling that they won’t be heard, let alone recorded, evaluated or implemented. Emailing ideas to a single person makes it easy to submit any and all ideas, but creates the risk of an overabundance of ill-formed ideas that cannot be implemented. That email inbox becomes a black hole, where ideas are submitted, never to be seen again. On the other side, creating a cumbersome submission process that fully vets ideas can deter people from using it. Creating a balance between these two submission processes will greatly benefit your corporate innovation initiatives

Creating a framework is a balancing act. During the submission process, you want to ask for enough information to ensure that the idea has been thought out, but not so much so that it becomes a burden to actually submit the idea. With Svava’s custom innovation platform, our submission process defaults to requiring three pieces of information: a title, photo, and description. This process can be customized to ask for more information, enabling you easily gather the information needed to initially vet or evaluate an idea.

After the Submission

By leaving room for improvement after the initial idea submission process, you reduce the burden of refinement on the submission, and allow for continuous improvement collectively. On the customized Svava innovation platforms, users come together to refine or curate ideas through comments and feedback; improving ideas collectively over time. By involving other ideators in the curation of an idea, the idea creator and their idea benefit from the different backgrounds, experience, knowledge and expertise of other ideators.

Organization and Storage of Ideas

Storing and organizing the ideas once they have been submitted is also a key part of your corporate ideation process. Proper storage allows ideas to be accessed, refined and implemented in the future. This sounds like a lot of work, but can be simplified if it is incorporated at the start of the submission process. How can an idea be organized before it’s submitted?

By creating projects, that act as buckets, innovation leaders can enable ideators to self select into which category or bucket their idea falls. For example, on your Svava platform, you can run multiple hunts or projects at one time. When a user comes to the platform, they select the appropriate hunt and submit their idea. Now all ideas submitted on the platform are organized by their creator. And everyone can move on to the next phase of the process, which is the curation phase.

With Svava, your ideas are stored in these individual buckets and can be accessed any time, in a variety of different ways. You can search by project, by keyword or theme, or by the individual idea’s title.

Establishing a corporate ideation process within your organization is taking a major step towards ensuring the success of your innovation initiatives. This process empowers employees on all levels to submit meaningful ideas, to take part in the progress and therefore the success of the organization. WIth a powerful and easy to use tool like Svava’s customized innovation platform, establishing and implementing this corporate ideation process is easy and affordable.

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