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Why Word Clouds Work for Business

Why Word Clouds Work for Business
Lotta Strand

Lotta Strand

Why Word Clouds Work for Business

What is a word cloud other than a group of words, varying in size and color? The tool might seem simple. Some tools for creating word clouds are quite simple.  But while it might not seem like a powerful business tool, word clouds can help an organization make short work of gathering and sifting through a large amount of data.

Gathering together a diverse group of people and surveying them for answers to specific questions, and then displaying those results in a word cloud makes identifying trends easy.  Depending on the tool and it’s analytical capability, a word could can also provide the data that was used to create the visual representation of these trends.

Depending on the question asked of participants, word clouds can be used to spot a broad array of trends.  From identifying roadblocks or points of friction to spotting low hanging opportunities, word clouds can quickly produce the same vital data that results from a full length meeting.

Svava offers a digital word cloud template which allows facilitators to ask customized questions and gather vital data in a matter of minutes.  

**How? **

Through the digital meeting app, simply log in and select the word cloud template.  Once the template has been selected, simply enter your carefully constructed question and share the event url with your participants.  Then, participants quickly enter their responses to create the word cloud. Now that the group has the visual representation of the data in front of them on a shared presentation screen, the data can be discussed, learnings gathered and decisions made.

Click here, to log into the workshop app and begin setting up your word cloud.

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