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Why Does Svava Work Where Others Fail?

Why Does Svava Work Where Others Fail?
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Ian Schneider

The secret success of inclusion 

Svava successfully opens up direct channels of communication with your customers, because it’s a nontraditional medium, built with the express purpose of doing just that. We’re not a social media channel first, engagement engine second. We aren’t lying in wait in people’s mailboxes, hoping we make it past the front door, instead you can invite them in and engage them on our platform.


Enables your customers to engage with you, without doing so on their private social media channels, without you entering their home via direct mail or filling up their email inbox. In short, Svava allows your customers to come to you and engage when they’d like, as they’d like.

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Becomes a Collaborative Environment

The Svava platform makes it easy for people across the world to collaborate and co-create, to provide feedback, ask questions and learn from each other. Because you don’t have to friend or be approved by an individual to ask them a question or start a conversation, the engagement happens organically and in real time.

Community Building

When users accept the invitation or sign up to join Svava, they create a profile, adding a photo, and a bit of information about themselves. This personalizes their ideas and feedback on the platform, enabling others to get to know with whom they are engaging.

Collaborate on Ideas with the Svava Open Innovation Platform

It’s fun! (Gamification)

By adding prizes and assigning point values to different behaviors or actions in the platform, we have added another level of excitement. With Svava, you can entice your customers to engage with you rather than beg.

Svava Innovation Platform Leaderboard

Easy to Use

Svava is very intuitive and very easy to use. The easier a tool is to use, the more you actually want to use it. The platform is very intuitive and fluid, and it’s simplicity enables it to be utilized in a number of different ways.

Svava's Innovation Platform is Easy to Use

Idea Aggregator

All of the engagement happens right on your portal, and can be exported with ease. The ideas, the photos and video, as well as the engagement statistics are all compiled for you and available for download.

Svava Aggregates Ideas for easy download


The publicity of the platform is entirely up to you. We can publish the URL so that it gets indexed by search engines or hide it from their view. Additional permission settings enable you to control participation in hunts. Uploading your own documentation gives you full control over IP rights and usage terms.

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