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What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Jonathan Bean

Leveraging an Innovation Platform to Rename Companies

Svava has been used to do a lot of incredible things, like design products and launch companies. But, it has also been very successful at helping companies rename and rebrand. Currently, there are two re-naming hunts on the platform that attracting quite a bit of attention and garnering a lot of solid ideas. Picking the winner of these two hunts is going to be a very tough challenge for the hunt coaches.

But Why Use an Innovation Platform?

Using an innovation platform helps to set the stage for hosting the naming competition or challenge. When you select a platform that is used to create and curate creative yet actionable ideas everyday, you ensure that this environment is extended to your contest.

Why Svava?

When you select the premier innovation platform, Svava, you ensure that everyone participating understands the framework for your hunt and is ready to rise to the challenge of creating a solid, yet creative name that fits your brand and organizational goals. Our global community is ready and waiting anxiously for an exciting hunt that will challenge them, and inspire collaboration with other members of Svava.

Why Offer a Prize?

Svava has built in a framework for offering and awarding exciting prizes. While our community uses Svava and participates in our challenges for the love of innovation, ideation and co-creation, prizes add another layer of excitement and fun. It often inspires more participants, both members and nonmembers in the hunt which raises the level of competition. Prizes are not required when creating hunt but we do highly recommend them.

What Are Some Examples of These Hunts?

We have two such exciting hunts running on our innovation platform at the moment. The first of these hunts is Europe’s first super sized battery factory, which is offering the Swedish equivalent of $1,000 cash. Already over 100 exciting ideas have been submitted and there are still a few more days to enter this competition! The second of the hunts, is an IoT company named Skygd. They are looking to expand into other continents and are in need of a name that is both recognizable but representative of their brand in these new countries. The prize for the individual who can rise to this challenge is an iPad!

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