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What Makes Svava Stand Out

What Makes Svava Stand Out

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As Crowdsourcing Platform for Innovation?

Collecting ideas and creating new features based on the customer’s voice is a normal procedure these days. Many big companies such as Lego, Oreo or Unilever have specific sites to collect ideas and innovations focusing on their products and beyond. Some of these companies use platforms where users can vote and comment on other customer’s ideas and others solely let them submit their ideas and evaluate them internally. Dell is also a company which picked up on the idea of crowdsourcing innovation quite early with their IdeaStorm website where they have received ten thousands of new ideas and even turned nearly 1000 of these ideas into reality.

But not every company has the resources and community to develop, market, maintain and manage a website specifically designed to collect and share ideas. This is why, in recent years, many new platforms and services were introduced and developed to bridge that gap, offering this service to any size businesses; from startups all the way to global players.

It is in the nature of every company to capture the best ideas for their product. Svava offers this to every business in a simple, efficient and fast way, without too much overhead before you can start.

While many companies and platforms out there require you to go through a long and tiring signup, Svava makes it easy for you. With a simple signup, you can be ready to crowdsource and hunt for new ideas in a couple of minutes.

Svava has a simple user interface without many distractions that let you, your users, and other crowd innovators solely focus on hunting new ideas and innovations for your brand. Giving feedback and submitting and idea, including a video or a number of photos, can be done in minutes. Based on this feedback users can extend, improve upon, or come up with new ideas and other users can up vote your ideas and build new ideas on your ideas and so on.

A growing community with a mixture of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, consultants, designers and more is what makes Svava stand out to other crowdsourcing platforms. The focus is to enable everyone to submit their ideas and share it without having a complicated signup process or something similar.

Another big bonus of Svava is the closeness to the founders and makers of IdeaHunt where you can give your feedback straight away and can see your ideas being turned into reality. Different hunts are run by the makers of the platform to get the users insights and help the platform and community to grow.

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