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What is the secret sauce that goes into a smashing Svava?

What is the secret sauce that goes into a smashing Svava?
Elia Mörling

Elia Mörling

Designing a smashing Svava consists of many different ingredients. We’re going to share what we have learned so far. Creating a hunt is free. All you need to do is login, and hit the create campaign button. When you’re happy with your hunt, and would like to be featured simply apply. The best hunts are featured on our site, social media and newsletter.

1. Product

Having a compelling and unique product really helps, and goes a long way towards attracting hunters. We know that a majority of our hunters are early adopters that are interested in discovering new and innovative products. 70% of our founding members are entrepreneurs, 50% marketers, and a third of our users can either code or design.

Your campaign image - or hero image - should be able to stand on it’s own, and do a good job of showcasing your product.

2. Challenge

Challenges are always formulated as a question, such as: _What is the best use case for X? What should we name X? What is the killer feature X is missing? How can we market X? _The best challenges are centered around one specific problem that is easy to understand and relate to. The question posted should ideally be self-explanatory. See priorly featured hunts for inspiration.

Always consider the friction required to conduct a challenge. If it requires users to extensively test your product, you will receive less ideas and engagement. However, you will receive higher quality ideas. So, simply decide what you want. Quality or quantity.

We have only run a handful of challenges that captures ideas in images and video. There is potentially untapped.

3. Brief

The brief should be to the point and easy to read on mobile. So far we’ve used the format:

  • In a nutshell (an elevator pitch)
  • How it works (if it needs explaining. This can include an embedded video)
  • Our challenge (describe what the challenge is about)
  • Read more (include links to your websites and relevant channels)

The brief supports Markdown which allows you to format your briefs, include links and images.

4. Rewards

We have discovered that it’s beneficial to reward the individual and social aspects of an Svava. You can accomplish this by rewarding the person with the best idea, and the person that has given the most constructive feedback to other people’s ideas. This implies that your hunt should have at least 2 rewards.

The most logical reward is your product, if it’s not very niche. Through our surveys we know that a majority of our users prefer few and valuable prizes. If your product is not that appealing to our hunters you can always give away Amazon e-gift cards as they are easy to deliver.

5. Hunters

All above is about crafting a brief and challenge that will attract hunters to share ideas, feedback and likes. We find that the most successful hunts start off with an existing community, that is passionate about the product already. These users will pave the way, and can be be recruited through your newsletter, blog, networks and social media. Great idea hunts are featured on our site and included in our newsletter.

If you follow these steps you will be on your ways towards designing a smashing idea hunt. In a follow up blog post we will talk about how to run a successful hunt, and make the most out of it.

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