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What is Svava ?

What is Svava ?

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(N.) An innovative, yet important method of sharing

We at Svava to build this product… to make it easy for creators and makers to bring out their product, and find the next best killer feature, use case or way to attract more users for it. When you share your product with the community, you receive valuable ideas and feedback, from industry experts who validate and test your product.

Using the crowd to fund a new product or service has been around for a long time with big platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where thousands of crowdfunding campaigns were successfully funded. From that idea a new idea evolved over the past years and that is crowdsourcing new ideas and features for existing products, startups and companies. There were a few platforms which offered a service for companies and users to get together and find new ideas but these did not take off as the barrier to use them were too high. This was the hurdle that we wanted to take on, the problem that we wanted to tackle when we started building Idea hunt. It is our firm belief that the crowd is more powerful than the lonely genius and we value openness, simplicity, and the wisdom of crowds.

There are 3 major areas where Svava and our community of Idea Hunters, can help to take your product to the next step. We have already run some successful hunts in that area.

  1. What´s the next killer feature for my product?

The main idea behind Svava was to help “makers” to get new ideas on what could be the next best feature for their product. The best way to get these ideas is from the crowd and community which are using these products and know what they are missing when using it. Here Svava can help you connect with your customers and people which don´t use it yet. The benefit here is that there are no limitations on submitting ideas and because everyone works together you might get a totally different idea than to what you might have thought could be useful. Two remarkable hunts we were running in that area were the K Type Keyboard with over 90 ideas and 300+ contributors and Travellr Razor Bag which were looking for a new stretch goal for their Kickstarter campaign.

  1. What can be a use case for my product?

You have a product and got stuck with finding the right use case after you started developing and realized that the original use case is obsolete now? That’s one use case we created Svava for, we ran many idea hunts to find an important use case for a product to better market these products and find niches to find new customers. Svava can help you to find new use cases for your product and new markets and niches to market it to. A good example for an Svava here is the Narrative Clip 2, which ended up getting over 60 new ideas on what the Clip can be used for.

  1. How can I attract more users for my product or service?

A third use case could be to find a way to attract more users or customers for your product. Many new products and services in development are missing enough users to reach the next level due to a variety of issues such as lack of marketing, missing ideas on how to place their product or they just don´t have the reach to spread the word about their product. Svava can help you overcome this issue in finding and creating new ideas to solve that problem. Many of our founding members are entrepreneurs and have their own services and products and had to solve this problem as well.

Simply said - Svava is a platform that connects companies, people and ideas to create the next big thing and take your product and service to the next level.

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