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What is an Innovation Platform and Why is it Useful?

What is an Innovation Platform and Why is it Useful?
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Just What Is an Innovation Platform?

Why do you need it?

Though we have many different popular use cases today, Svava first launched as an innovation Platform. As an innovation platform Svava was and continues to be a very powerful tool for many companies and startups alike. But what is it and who can benefit from it.

What is an innovation platform?

At its most basic level, it is tool that is available to facilitate the formation and curation of ideas. We believe that this tool should be easy to use, free to use, and be well used by a community of likeminded people. We’ve taken great pains in designing Svava so that anyone can use it, from school children up to innovation experts. Svava is also free for the public to use. Yes, we have other customizable options, that can be purchased, but the basic functionality is free for everyone to use. The Svava community is comprised of all types of different users from different areas around the world. We believe we are well on our way to becoming a go to tool in their arsenal for Innovation.

How is it different from software providers?

Software has a tendency to be big, bulky and expensive. It is closed off or limited to a certain number of users, and must be installed, maintained and users must be trained to use it. Svava’s innovation platform is none of these, while still providing all of the inherent functionality that makes people purchase these packages. Svava makes innovation effortless. We make the tool easy to use to encourage your employees to want to use it. And we make it fun. What better way is there to encourage people to try and utilize a tool than to make it fun?

Who can benefit from an innovation platform?

The beauty of innovation is that it can interact with and improve all aspects of life as part of its very nature. Therefore anyone can use and gain benefit from utilizing such a tool. These tools, especially when free such as Svava is, can help improve the quality of life in a city for those in need, and at the time work to improve upon a process for a large company. Svava is a flexible tool that can be used in almost any situation.

How is Svava different from other platforms?

We’ve covered a few of the highlights so far in this post. Svava is easy to use, and it’s fun. You can easily connect with people from all over the world to source their ideas on innovative solutions and work together to curate them in real time. There’s no need to buy anything, download anything, host anything or really do anything except for challenge your brain and have fun with Svava.

We’re not one to sit back and rest on our laurels either. Its not enough that we’ve made this awesome innovation platform. We are continuing to improve and innovate so that we can continually offer our users the very best that we can.

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