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Welcome to the Hunt!

Welcome to the Hunt!
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Pixabay

More precisely…Svava!

Congratulations on joining the hunt! You’ve just joined a global community set on creatively using innovation to solve challenges, come up with new ideas and engage with companies and startups to solve validate and develop products, features and more. Svava enables our users to collectively provide feedback, generate new content, curate ideas together, and more!

Our idea crowdsourcing and innovation platform is the playground or sandbox, if you will, for entrepreneurs, engineers, product and graphic designers, developers and marketers, students and executives! Its where innovators and creatives connect and collaborate. The collaborative environment is an incredibly exciting place to be. We are so glad that you have joined us!

The Svava Community is a vibrant place where ideas are being exchanged all of the time, and it’s all because people like you are connecting, collaborating and even sometimes competing on fun campaigns…or as well call them “Hunts”. We invite you to take a look around at some of the featured hunts, and join one or two (or all of them)!

Read the the creative brief at the start of the hunt, and then put on your thinking cap. You can look through some of the other ideas submitted, click through to the profiles of the Idea Hunters who submitted them, and even provide feedback on their ideas. Don’t be shy! If you think someone has a great idea, click the thumbs up to vote for it and tell them why you love it! Have a question that might help them further their idea, go right ahead and ask it! The community is a welcoming and accepting place that welcomes feedback to help refine and further develop, or curate ideas.

Get creative and submit your idea to solve the problem or meet the challenge. Thats meet…not meat…these aren’t actual hunting events but metaphorical hunts to search for the best ideas. Svava allows you to pull photos or video from your computer, social media channels or an internet search into your idea to help people further understand or visualize what you are describing. Who knows, your idea might win you a prize! Our last winner received a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

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