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Using Svava for Ideation, Validation and Testing

Using Svava for Ideation, Validation and Testing
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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For the Ideation, Validation and Testing of your Products and Services

As an innovation platform, Svava makes it easy for startups and companies to connect with their communities of users and customers to crowdsource ideas. However that is not the only beneficial use case for Svava. Our easy to use platform is perfect for many different use cases, which we touch on at a very high level in this post. One of these use cases, that we’d like to focus on more closely in this post, is the ideation, validation and testing of your products, their functionality and your services. Individuals, startups and fully formed and operating companies can use either the free platform or customize their own, in order to create campaigns to solicit ideas for new products and services, to validate ideas or prototype, or to stress test and report bugs in products or applications that are already available to customers.

Ideation for New Products, Features, and Services

Whether it’s a newly formed startup trying to gain a competitive edge, or an existing organization or product working to stay relevant, Svava’s platform is a powerful ideation tool. By utilizing a website rather than a proprietary software, or internal policy, Svava is able to leverage the power of an existing community in an environment which administrators can control. Tap your community for ideas on new features or functionality that might be missing from your product or application. Ask your customers for feedback on an existing product or service to help you design the next iteration. Or give your users an easy way to submit their ideas for your growth, marketing, or next new product. As an ideation tool, Svava makes open innovation possible for everyone and every organization.

Validation of Ideas for New Products, Features and Services

Not all ideas come from outside your organization. Whether you are thinking about forming a company, are growing a startup or working on your next big idea for a successful company, you are sure to be full of new ideas. How do you know if your idea for your next product, its user experience, or brand message will resonate with your audience? Validate your ideas with a platform that is free and easy for your community to use and provides them with a direct line of communication to the decision makers and marketers. Through our innovative platform you can empower your community and solicit their feedback as well as work with them to respond to their comments and further develop or curate these ideas. Svava is always free to users, providing them with a simple to use yet innovative interface, through which they can directly engage with the companies and startups whose products and services they purchase.

Testing Existing Products and Applications

Everyone today is worried about their mobile applications, websites and how well they perform. Many have started searching for people to test their products, offering them what are being called “bug bounties” (rewards for finding bugs within their code so that the companies can fix the bugs before they become an issue). Svava opens a direct channel of communication with your users, and gives you access to our over 4,500 global users, many of whom have a background in technology. You can leverage these communities to test your products and applications, and provide feedback. While they might not necessarily find bugs that affect issues like security of your application, these users are motivated to provide meaningful feedback on their user experience. This information is a gold mine or treasure trove for developers, enabling them to provide the very best to new users and customers.

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