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Top 5 Innovations for the Smart Bicycle

Top 5 Innovations for the Smart Bicycle
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Innovation to Watch for, From Svava

Innovation is present in every industry and helps companies reinvent themselves in addition to their products and services. It is present because, it is through innovation that brands maintain their relevance with consumers. As one industry changes, it impacts the lives of it’s consumers. These consumers are not singularly dimensional, they consume goods and services from an array of industries. As innovation changes one area of their lives, they seek it in other areas as well. Together, these different industries, that fulfill radically different needs for consumers, are collectively raising the bar. Svava is always in search of innovation or innovative trends. This post is the first in a series in which we aim to highlight innovation in different industries. The theme of this post? Innovation in the cycling industry. We’ve mentioned the cycling industry before, but in this post we’ll take a look at specific technologies that are being developed right now.

The Bike Itself

The technological advances the world has witnessed in this millennium have been fascinating to say the least. With the invention of electric cars, solar cars, and other things, it was only a matter of time before the smart bicycle transformed from vision to reality. Smart bikes or e-bikes might look like regular bicycles, but they come with a small electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery. The smart bicycle came onto the scene not too long ago, and already has seen many iterative improvements. This intelligent assistance is made possible with the use of smartphones and wireless features. These additions to the smart bike will only serve to positively impact the future as well as increase ease and efficiency. Not counting the sleek and snazzy designs, here are the top 5 features that will impact the future of the smart bicycle.

Linkalock - Innovation in Cycling on Svava Image source: http://linkalock.com/

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1. e-Bike Lock

If you are thinking this is nothing new, you could not be more wrong. The future of smart bikes has seen an improvement in the standard bike lock, from chains which were heavy and clumsy to locks of varying futuristic designs which are operated through wireless features; this is a plus for ease and efficiency. This however is not all, as the future holds even greater things for bike locks. For instance, VICE has developed an innovative prototype battery operated smart bike lock concept. This bike pairs with your smartphone and a wheel transmitter to locate your position and communicate with your lock in real time.

Sherlock - Cycling Innovation on Svava Image source: http://www.sherlock.bike/

2. Anti-Theft Features

The anti-theft feature has put a stop to majority of bike thefts in recent years. The beauty of this feature is its versatility and diversity. Ranging from sirens and alarms to theft indicator maps, you are assured of security. The future promises new and innovative security systems. With a steady rise into the world of digital features, it would be impossible for the smart bike to be stagnant in terms of progression. Smart bikes feature GPS or invisible tracking devices installed in the bikes, which serve to track down stolen bicycles. In the future, we hope to have mobile apps to make this process a whole lot easier. Sherlock promises such a future.

Smart E-Bike Monitoring System - Cycling Innovation on Svava Image source: http://www.smart-ebikes.com/

3. The Smart E-Bike Monitoring System (SEMS)

The Smart E-Bike Monitoring System is a means of acquiring data in problem solving time. It analyses the data it gets from monitoring location through the global positioning system and sensor input as well as the rider control data gotten from level of assistance. The riders can view their data through an innovative online interface and share it on social media. Researchers also can view the data. This feature has a lot of impact in the future, as problems discovered from the data analysis will be corrected to create a highly advanced technology in the field of smart bikes.

Mio Velo - Cycling Innovation on Svava Image source: http://www.bicycling.com/

4. Custom Sensor Feature

This feature is inexhaustible in terms of uses, from cycling sensors with the ability to measure RPM speed and cadence, to high-tech proximity sensors that detect cars in your blind spot, to health centric bikes that measure the level of the rider’s fitness. The future can only see more innovation and an addition of various and diverse types of sensors. These sensors are equipped with Bluetooth and can be connected wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, and GPS bike computers for transfer of data. The future of smart bikes may be closer than we think with the Argon 18 smart bike. This bike still in the production states boasts of thirty sensors which all work together to give the rider a data analysis on the level of aerodynamics it can achieve. It is not hard to imagine a future where sensors can control a bike solely based on the heart rate of the rider. Mio Velo is one such sensor available to consumers.

Smart Bike Batter - Cycling Innovation on Svava Image source: https://int.smart.com

5. The Battery

This is the powerhouse of the smart bike, in conjunction with the electric motor. The battery completes all other features by supplying power for smooth and efficient running of the installed applications. This battery can be charged by using electricity. Most battery packs come with an automatic saver, which shuts the battery down when it is low or has not been used in a long time to prolong the battery life. These battery packs are evolving either by weighing less or being used as a portable charger. We can safely assume that the further innovation will bring wonderful things in terms of this energy source, for instance a bike powered by solar energy.

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