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Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Brainstorming Pro Workshops

Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Brainstorming Pro Workshops
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Top 5 Hidden Benefits of Brainstorming Pro Meetings

Each Brainstorming Pro meeting uncovers more than just the top ideas for a challenge

When you gather your team members together to brainstorm and creatively collaborate to generate ideas, magic happens.  Yes, you generally do come up with some rock solid ideas that over the course of the next quarter or year, you can collectively work to implement.  But there are other things, unseen things that happen with each of these sessions.

5 Hidden Benefits of Hosting Brainstorming Meetings:

1. Group Learning:

Each of your brainstorming workshop participant has a unique background that brings with it, a certain set of knowledge and skills. During creative and collaborative group thinking sessions, these team members will ultimately draw on this knowledge and share it with the group.  When this happens, other team members who did not previously have this knowledge will gain a bit of it.

2. Employees are Revitalized

It might sound dramatic, but when you involve your team members in brainstorming workshops, you are showing them that they are valued.  You demonstrate that their experience, their contributions, and effort are appreciated and sought after. When this happens, it re-engages these team members, giving them a boost of energy and confidence that is then imbued into their daily work.

3. Unearth Important Information

During their day to day work experience, your team members are likely to uncover potential problems, as well as gain valuable insights and learnings.  These team members may, for any number of reasons, not communicate these important pieces of information to their supervisors or other team members. During collaborative work sessions like these, the information gained by team members usually surfaces.

4. Break Patterns

If nothing changes, patterns form and after a while, patterns become habits.  If employees have no way to effectively submit their thoughts and ideas, then they’ll stop sharing them.  If they stop sharing them, you are losing a wealth of information and potential. By hosting brainstorming workshops, you give your team members a very effective way to share their ideas, get others on board with them, and maintain ownership of the idea throughout its life cycle.

5. Create a Culture Shift

One brainstorming workshop, especially if it’s an interactive Brainstorming Pro workshop from Svava, generally leads to another.  The more time you give employees to be creative and invest their energy into the company and its future, the more you create a fundamental culture shift.  The way employees think about their jobs, about the company, and interact with it changes.

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