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The horse and the farmer: who are you?

The horse and the farmer: who are you?

Failure is the path to success

There is an old fable that tells us about a horse that fell into a well.

By the difficulty in removing the heavy horse from there, being very deep and tight, the farmer decided to sacrifice the animal and decided that he would be buried right there in the well.

Determined so that all other farm employees bring sandbags and were pouring into the well on the horse.

He did not imagine that as the land was poured, the horse shook and the well was getting shallower until it was possible to rescue the horse safe and sound. I live and just dirty ground.

We live in world flat market like this. The wane business, shopping scarce and businesses are divided between those who give in to discouragement and others that seek alternatives.

Some understood it was time to not invest, to abandon projects, to reduce their goals and operations. Other bet on daring, to innovate, to change its position, its product mix, its relations with the market, its structures and thus seek new opportunities.

As with the farmer in the fable, there are solutions that even not apparent, can get us out of the bottom. This requires at least think, plan and create movement around. Breathing cessation is no solution, definitely.

Fortunately we begin to see, with increasing intensity, many companies decided to get out of the doldrums, shake the earth off your back and place the moving train. There is no point staying in the position that “they do not solve.” The “they” do not exist. The “they” are us!

Some bold designs, or not, but intelligent and targeted opportunities are walking very well. The horse is able to get out of the bottom, but they must at least have the will to shake and take the land back.

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