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Thank You to Founding Members

Thank You to Founding Members
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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When One Era Ends, Another Begins

When Svava first launched back in February of this year (2016), we had a small group of users. As these users began to interact and speak with others about the innovative platform and what it was capable of that number of users began to grow. In these first users we began to recognize a passion and a desire to work hard, in order to help Svava succeed and grow into something incredible.

This growing group of original users continued to grow and find ways to become more involved, and work with the Svava team. So we found a way to recognize their efforts, and created the role of the Founding Member. Eventually, we grew to 200 founding members who were working with us, contributing to the blog, helping to seed creative and innovative ideas for our first hunts, and spreading Svava to their tribes and communities. These 200 individuals came to us from all over the world and a myriad of different backgrounds and skill levels. Each one of them played a direct role in the growth of the platform.

When one era ends, another begins.

Today, Svava has been founded so we are capping the founding member program at the original 200. This does not mean that these individuals who have worked so hard will no longer be a part of the Svava family. To the contrary we are excited to continue to work with these 200 founding members and recognize their contributions as we enter the next era. With this thank you to our founding members, Svava is excited to announce our Ambassador Program!

Svava embodies collaboration and open innovation so we are constantly looking for new ways for our Idea Hunters to get involved. This Ambassador Program will provide Idea Hunters, or platform users, to take the next step in helping Svava grow. This program will provide additional ways to get involved, like blogging and sharing their experiences and expertise, as well as helping to seed hunts so that we can feature them on the platform. Stay Tuned for an Ambassador Program Post coming soon!

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