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Swap Ideas the Communal Idea Exchange is Live!

Swap Ideas the Communal Idea Exchange is Live!
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

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The Communal Idea Exchange from Svava

We are excited to announce that the innovative new project designed and built by the Svava Community, Swap Ideas is now live. Everyday we have the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs of all types and the resounding issue they face is a lack of resources needed to meet various growth hurdles. As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to hire consultants that have the skill and network to help take your project to the next level.

That’s why we’re really excited to launch Swap Ideas, to matchmake entrepreneurs that need feedback on their business models, landing pages, and user acquisition. We’ve built the initial signup and matchmaking portion of Swap Ideas on www.swapideas.io and the actual idea exchange will happen on the Svava Innovation Platform.

The Svava community has come together to make Swap Ideas happen. The process has been facilitated by a series of Idea Hunts for wireframes, logos, design and testing. All in all more than 20 our users have had a direct impact upon the project. As a thank you to those who were most active, winning the various Idea Hunts and helping to develop the website, we have listed them as makers in our Product Hunt announcement!

The Svava team had so much fun watching this project come to life and is very excited to see all of the inspiring ideation that will take place on the platform and beyond. We’d love see you and engage with you on Swap Ideas. Check it out and sign-up to Swap Ideas!

Swap Ideas Makers:

Logo: Amparo Diaz

Wireframes: Vladimir Devic

Developers: Linus

Quality Assurance: Sebastian Klett

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