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Swap Ideas Logo Campaign Has Come to a Close

Swap Ideas Logo Campaign Has Come to a Close
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Pixabay

A winner has been chosen!

With great excitement, we are able to announce that the Swap Ideas Logo Campaign on Svava is over, and we have awarded a winner! Chosen by popular vote, our very own Svava Ambassador, Amparo Diaz has submitted the winning logo design. Popular for its originality and its success in capturing the essence of the Swap Ideas idea exchange, we are very excited about this logo design.

Svava will work with Amparo Diaz, a marketing professional with vast experience to refine and finalize this logo design. As the winner of the Swap Ideas Logo Design Campaign, Amparo Diaz will be listed as a maker when we launch the completed Swap Ideas project on Project Hunt.

What’s got us so excited about this logo?

First, this is the first competitive Svava campaign since we first launched the campaign to design the MVP; making this the first true completed step in the project. Second, the logo will influence the design and branding for the rest of the Swap Ideas project. The colors, the text, the lines and style from this logo will play a large role in designing and building Swap Ideas. Think of it as the corner stone for project.

Amparo has been a very active and influential ambassador from the very start. She has been active in many exciting hunts on the platform, both submitting wonderful ideas and meaningful, actionable feedback. Svava is thrilled that she has chosen to become not only a part of our ambassador team, but also this new project.

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