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Supercharge Your Svava Campaign

Supercharge Your Svava Campaign
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

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Not all Hunts are Created Equally

Every campaign, or hunt on the Svava platform is unique. That’s because every individual, startup and company that creates the hunt is unique, and faces challenges that no one else does. Each hunt is created by the administrator and then it is submitted. Not every hunt is automatically featured. In fact, it takes roughly ten ideas for a hunt to become featured.

What does it mean for a hunt to be featured?

When a hunt is featured on the platform, it is visible to every idea hunter when they login. It also generally means that the hunts can be seen on the Svava Home Page by anyone who swings by the platform to check it out. Being featured means that the hunt has been validated and found to be of interest. With the amount of spam on the internet these days, we want to make sure that we provide our idea hunters with relevant, meaningful and exciting hunts.

How do you get the ideas to be featured?

New hunts are shared with the Svava Founding Members and Ambassadors, a group of dedicated Idea Hunters who love the challenge of a fresh hunt. We send out the links and descriptions to the new hunts via email and our Slack channels, this core group of Founding Members and ambassadors collaborate and submit the first ideas, and then we feature the hunt for all to see on the platform.

What can you do to encourage these Founding Members and Ambassadors to submit ideas for your hunt?

That’s what this post is all about! Now that we’ve gotten the high level stuff taken care, let’s dive into what it takes to supercharge your Svava campaign. When we are working with hunt admins to get their hunt ready to be featured, there are a few different things that we often advise on to help make the campaigns more appealing or enticing to our user base, both to get it featured and engender more engagement once they have been featured.

Create a Meaningful Title:

Start with a descriptive title that let’s people know right from the start what you are looking to achieve. Make it descriptive, but keep it simple and accurate. Your title shouldn’t be a marketing slogan like “Sign up now”, but maybe something like “How can we creatively entice new users to sign up for our service?” The shorter and more accurate that you can make your hunt, the easier and faster it is for users to accept the challenge, and then move onto to learning more about why you are facing this challenge, and come up with ideas that really work towards a solution. If you have a long or obtuse title for your hunt you might not grab a users attention, or you might interest but not educate them and their ideas might miss the mark.

Creative Brief:

The Creative Brief is the next step after you give your hunt a title. This is a section where you can be pretty free with your description. It might be easy or tempting to breeze through this part, but it is an important opportunity to explain who you are, what you do and what your challenge or goal might be in greater detail than you cold in the hunt’s title.

The more information that you can give our Idea Hunters, the better equipped they are to submit relevant and meaningful ideas that you can turn around and use. Then, in the description include links to your website, bulleted features and functionality or services that you offer. We also offer you the opportunity to provide additional information by uploading documentation to your creative brief.

Criteria for Winning:

Within the creative brief there is a section where you as the admin have the ability to explain how you will choose the winning idea. This is important to our Idea Hunters as many really enjoy the competitive aspect, even if it all is just for fun…and some prizes. Take the time to think ahead and draw up who will win. Will you select the idea with the highest number of votes? Will it be the one that receives the most feedback? Or will it be much more subjective, where you choose the idea that is the easiest to implement? These takes your creative brief one step further and gives idea hunters one more vital piece of information to better understand what the goal of the hunt is.

We mentioned Prizes:

Assigning prizes to winning ideas is not mandatory, but it does go a long way to making hunts more engaging. Like presents, prizes can come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve had some sizable prizes given away before, and some hunts with promised social engagement. Many of our featured hunts choose to give away electronic gift cards, as they are easy to send to the recipients and fun for the Idea Hunters to use! A prize can be almost anything, but one thing is for certain, the hunts with prizes tend to get better and higher engagement than those without it.

The rest is on you!

Get Social:

Share your Svava URL on your different social media channels. While we work to get your hunt in front of our members, you can work on your end and reach your existing community! These people are perfect to help generate ideas for your product or service because they already know and love you. So get social with your campaign, come up with fun hashtags and get targeted with your engagement sending messages to people whom you know would love to be involved.

Leverage your Email List:

You can’t be everywhere your audience is, and you might not reach some of them with social media posts. In case they miss your tweet, or the algorithm doesn’t show your Facebook post to all of your followers, leave them a visual voicemail somewhere you know that they’ll check - that’s right, send them an email. Pull together an engaging email that enthusiastically explains your Svava just like when you were writing your creative brief and leave it right there for them in their inbox. Be sure to include your link!

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