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Succeed with online Brainstormings!

Succeed with online Brainstormings!
Lotta Strand

Lotta Strand

Photo by Elia Mörling

In this webinar, Elia Mörling, CEO of Svava, walks us through the Brainstorming Pro template and how you can use it to succeed with your next online brainstorming meeting.

Brainstorming is a group creativity technique used to address a specific problem and/or question by gathering a list of ideas contributed by the group’s participants. We are all familiar with the common method of using post-it notes and sticking them on a flip chart or whiteboard, and then adding stickers on those notes for voting. But what do you do when everyone is working from home, or you have a team spread across many locations? You still need to brainstorm. A lot of people have tried to copy the same methods we use for offline brainstorming to work online. This is really hard and often fails. 

By using digital templates that helps you and your team collaborate you can actually produce better results than those gained from traditional offline methods. This is a new way of working for a lot of people, so in a webinar session we will watch Elia explain how to use Svava’s brainstorming template to engage your whole team. 

In the webinar you will learn how to:

  • get started using Svava,
  • set up a simple check-in exercise,
  • set up a brainstorming meeting and invite participants,
  • running a brainstorming meeting and the steps in the template,
  • combine digital tools with offline tools like post-its,
  • adapt the template to fit your specific workshop,
  • instantly grab the results after the meeting ends.

Learn more about Svava’s brainstorming pro template here and here are some more tips on successful brainstorming techniques.

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