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Skinners Hunt Recap

Skinners Hunt Recap
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

A look at the successful project on Svava.

Innovation is what drives us, so when we connected with Skinners we knew that it was a perfect match! Did you miss the Skinners Svava? Say it ain’t so! Don’t worry, we’ve got a recap of this exciting and challenging hunt. First thing’s first, though…

What are Skinners?

Skinners, are an innovation in footwear. They combine the fit and flexibility of your favorite sock, with the comfort and durability of your favorite hiking boots. Crazy innovative right? Skinners can be worn as running shoes, hiking boots, in the house or the gym…or both because they’re machine washable. So how do you take a product this innovative and make it even more exciting?

Create an Svava!

Skinners created a challenge: “Get Creative and Win Skinners!”. They tasked the Skinners and Svava communities to submit ideas that would help encourage more people to purchase this innovative footwear. Ideas flooded in - 25 awesome ideas in total, making it difficult to select a winner. But Skinners rose to the challenge and selected not one but two great ideas.

Erik Dasque was the first winner, with the idea of offering a discount on a second pair to encourage customers to make an additional purchase.

Renee Blake had the second winning idea; creating elastic storage bands, so that you’re never missing one of your skinners.

With 64 participants, this was an exciting hunt. There were so many great ideas submitted and the two communities really came together to curate and make these ideas even better. Svava loved having Skinners on the platform and we’re looking forward to their exciting future!

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